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Our Mission

Nothing matters more to us than helping you. Your success drives us. From 1995, when we started helping students find schools and you find students, understanding your needs and helping you find the right solution has been central to our mission. And it’s the same today, nearly 20 years later.

We have a passion for helping students. With a growing community of over 1.2 million students, parents and counsellors, making a difference in students’ lives makes our day. Hearing success stories from students, appreciation from counsellors and thanks from parents adds fuel to our mission. Like the electricity that powers our computers and smart phones, we know that educated students will build our economy, drive innovation and propel us into a brighter future.

Our network of websites help hundreds of post-secondary institutions, agencies and other organizations generate prospective student leads and reach students, parents and counsellors. We can help you through a variety of tools including targeted email campaigns, nurture campaigns, banner ads, featured scholarships, and newsletters.

If you are interested in reaching Canadian or international students, we can help. We have trusted brands and the experience to make your plans a success.

SF_Logo_Transparent_Blue – As Canada’s leading website for higher education research, we are a trusted resource for Canadian students, parents and counsellors as they explore post-secondary options. We provide detailed information on schools, programs, prerequisites, costs and application deadlines. In addition, we highlight hot careers as it relates to post-secondary programs, upcoming school events, and news from institutions around the globe.

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SC_Logo_Transparent_Navy – As Canada’s largest database of scholarships and bursaries, students can find detailed information on requirements for a wide variety of awards, including educational and non-educational opportunities. We simplify the scholarship search by matching students to scholarships and providing application tips, tricks, and scholarship deadline alerts.

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studyincanada – As a globally recognized resource, we guide an active community of students, parents and agents worldwide as they discover Canadian education opportunities. We share accurate information on schools, programs, international prerequisites, costs and application deadlines. We also share relevant news year round from universities, colleges, and secondary schools.

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header – With the growing importance of graduate and professional degrees, we offer a complete listing of graduate, business, medical, dental, teaching and law schools across Canada. With detailed school and program information updated throughout the year, students can explore and decide their next steps.